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OLMA Mollifico Srl is a Turin (Italy) company present, for over 40 years, in many types of national and international market, such as Mechanics, Electronics and Automation, Security, Automotive, Appliances.

ISO 9001 certified and with a marked tendency to continuous improvement of internal performance and satisfaction of our Clinte (download our system certificate by clicking on the CERTIQUALITY logo found on each page).

Initially founded as a family imprint, over the years it has been equipped with competent means and resources to satisfy the most varied requests of customers.

To date, thanks to an important technological renewal but above all thanks to your staff, completely renewed and specialized, the OLMA Mollificio has embarked on an innovative path from all points of view, and this is allowing you to confirm yourself daily on the market, both National and International.

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  • Application of the main principles of Lean Manuacturing

    (with the aim of applying a constant and sustainable WCM system over time)
  • Streamlined, efficient and extremely fast production flow

    (with very short response times, from the initial estimate to the delivery of the product)
  • Optimization of resources

    energy and raw materials
  • Continued reduction of waste

  • Continuous training of staff in force

  • Participation in new projects

    with our customers (codesign)
  • A solid and profound Business Ethics

    towards all the people involved, based on respect, equality and total involvement
  • Commitment in the Social

Factors, tangible , which distinguish us.

Our specialization, our true strong point

  • Compression Springs
  • Shaped Springs and Hooks
  • Traction springs
  • Torsion springs
  • Resistors

From ROUND WIRE, in Carbon Steel SM-DM-SH-DH, phosphate and pre-galvanized, Stainless steel 302 (1.4310), INOX 316, Copper, Brass, Phosphor bronze mainly with:

  • diameters from 0,4 to 3,50 mm for Shaped Hooks, Torsion Springs and Resistors
  • diameters from 0,4 to 3,00 mm for cylindrical, conical and biconical compression springs

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